The Superest Reborn

Installment Two

The Superest Reborn

This new and improved version of the site was designed by Kevin Cornell and programmed by ever-impressive Daniel Mall. There are several new features to help readers such as yourself get the most out of our collection.

The Random Hero Selector

A random hero selector has been added, for those of you who just want to randomly dive into the middle of the fray. Just look for it in the sidebar. And if you don't like your random option, feel free to roll again for a new choice.

Viewing Options
The Switch Views icon

Each hero page has two views: The Full Details view and the Condensed View. The Condensed View is excellent if you just want to breeze through the heroes as quick as possible, with just the bare minimum of distractions. The Full Details view, which is the default view, shares all other relevant information, such as the dates in which said hero held their title, who drew them, and any comments muttered by the crowd who gathered to watch the battle way back when.

The Aftermath

The section you're currently reading, The Aftermath, is the perfect place to watch for any new Superest content, such as lost art, backstory on heroes, and new interpretations of old heroes.

What's more, every now and then we hope to share fan submissions. So if you have any Superest-inspired art you'd like to share, including alternate heroes, or your own interpretations, feel free to (under 2mb please). We can't guarantee we'll show everything, but we'll certainly share the stuff that blows us away

But don't forget...

Along with the new stuff, we've still got our store if you're looking for Superest-related merchandise, and if there's a particular hero you're looking for, you can always use our search to track them down, or go straight to the Table of Contents page. If you're interested in such things, we also have a feed available for The Aftermath, located in the footer. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, or write us an .

Okay! That's about all you'll probably ever need to know. Thanks very much to Dan Mall for lending his expertise and advice; if you have any questions or compliments for him, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you over at his site. In the next installment, we take a look at some of the more optically challenged members of The Superest pantheon.


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  1. I'm still so sad the battle is over. No dead kitty sad, but certainly three-legged dog sad.

  2. And sad enough to use poor grammar.

  3. I'm at about the two- or one-legged dog level of sadness. Maybe a little higher than that... spotless leopard? Or monkey chauffeur who lost his driver's license?


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Santa Pause

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