The Aftermath

The battle is over, but there’s still scars to show and stories to tell…

Sultry Sex Squad Main Image

Installment Eight

Sultry Sex Squad

Superheroes are known for their weapons. Heat rays. Cold rays. Lukewarm rays. Punching really hard. But one of the most potent — and most overlooked — weapons wielded by a hero is pure, unadulterated sexiness. Indeed, The Superest had its fair share of supers and and scoundrels whose stock and trade was Super Eroticism.… Read more

A Random Hero!

The Prophylactick

The Prophylactick

When you find yourself in a hot spot call on the Prophylactick. Claparella's applause just turned into a barrage of Boos and shouts of "You suck!"

Relive the Epic Battle

Which raged from 2006 to 2010 and included 400 heroes! Well... actually.. to be exact, it was 398. No, YOU go to hell!

Purchase Mementos

Like a shirt or something. You’ll make powerful friends, and then influence them. Especially if they're impressed by crap.

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