Modus Vivendi

Installment Four

Modus Vivendi

From time to time during the battle, it was necessary for both sides to temporarily meet and call a cease-fire. These periods, often coinciding with holidays, or prestigious events1, could only be orchestrated by special heroes, cut from a different cloth than your run-of-the-mill Superest participant. Heroes for whom battle was a secondary solution, who instead valued compromise, understanding, and bathroom breaks. Only these chosen few, with the rarely-seen but greatly-valued power of Diplomacy, could manage to separate the war-bent factions.

But make no mistake — even these Titans of Truce could only hold back the unstoppable wave of aggression momentarily. Eventually the battle would resume, and these noble ambassadors of peace would fade silently into the pun-riddled pages of The Superest history books. That is, until now.

Disciples of Diplomacy

Gathered here, for the first time together, are those noble heroes who managed to slip into the fray, and force an armistice:

The War Profiteers

Also worth noting, are the heroes who saw enormous financial potential to be gained by selling goods during the war. Of course, some debate as to whether these men are truly heroes; but I think you'll agree anyone who brings humanity a shirt that says "Bacon" has accomplished something admirable.


1"Prestigious" is a relative term here. Not everyone gets as pumped up for Eraser Expo as Matt Sutter. Though the 2009 line of Kneaded Rubbers were a huge step forward in graphite-removal technology.


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