Birthday Street

Installment Seven

Birthday Street

It is a fortuitous day for those of you who enjoy The Superest: Birthday Street has arrived!

Sutter and Kevin, as well as frequent Guest Illustrator Pete Dalkner, are at this moment pouring their illustrative skills and comic abilities into a thrice-weekly web comic. It is highly recommended by several anonymous mad scientists that you visit the site if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

Missus Superustum, an acute ailment where you suffer frequent depression because you so desperately miss The Superest.
Hilarium Lackus, a blanket lack of hilarity in your daily grind, as well as your nine-to-fives, work life, home life, and sex life.

We implore you to visit Birthday Street, or catch the feed, twitter stream, or facebook page, and see if it alleviates any of your symptoms. If not, then you've obviously been hypnotized, poisoned, or you're this guy. In any case, your goose is cooked.


Anything to add to the conversation? Let us know! Just try to be polite about it.

  1. Brilliant! I have already chuckled at least three times and guffaw'd twice consuming the content on the new site!

  2. Glad to provide! And WOW - you're quite the diligent commenter today, MM!


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