Hyper Team

Hyper Team

Tim (son): Hyper-Sensitive to his Body Odor. Ted (dad): Hyper-Litigious.

Co-Eddie is one disciplinary wise-crack away from destruction.

Hyper Team held the coveted title of Current Champ from Thursday, November 29, 2007 to Thursday, November 29, 2007, heartily vanquishing Co-Eddie to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of The Birds and the Bees.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Kevin .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. probably the best one yet.


    ishbudesign | [ a ]
  2. ah! Great style as usual.
    The Hyper Team logo rembembers me the old R-Type arcade.
    I am not sure i understand this one.. the coach is obsessed by cleanliness so here is Tim, the cleanest super hero of all times, but how about his dad? How this two are able to defeat Co-Eddie?

    g4toloc0 | [ a ]
  3. Tim isn't the cleanest superhero, he's just very sensitive to COMMENTS about his body odor. Once Co-Eddie does the inevitable, dad strikes with the mother of all emotional distress lawsuits. Say goodbye to that vintage '79 Gremlin, Co-Eddie, and kiss your dodge balls goodbye.

    Andrew | [ a ]
  4. Tim isn't the cleanest super-hero, he's just very sensitive to any comments about his body odor. Once Co-Eddie succumbs to the inevitable, dad pounces with the mother of all emotional distress lawsuits. Kiss your dodge balls goodbye, Co-Eddie - the Hyper Team will get them in the settlement.

    Andrew | [ a ]
  5. D'oh! Sorry for the multiple postings. Hey, has Redundancy Man made an appearance yet? Hey, has Redundancy Man made an appearance yet?

    Andrew | [ a ]
  6. That's beautiful! Your creative genius strikes again, Kevin!

    I think that we need an appearance from one of those lovely showering ladies from the Dove soap commercials. She could make sure that Tim's BO problem was solved and.. well... i suppose it all depends on how creative Sutter wants to be as to what else her superpowers would be.

    Bryan | [ a ]
  7. I think the confusion is that "Hyper-Litigious" isn't a term we hear very often, even in a sue-happy place like America.

    Linsel | [ a ]
  8. For example... one of these

    Bryan | [ a ]
  9. a quick trip to dictionary.com should fix that

    Bryan | [ a ]
  10. This is really good. I didn't get it until I read the comments though. Probably because I huffed paint when I was little.

    iancorey | [ a ]
  11. Yeah, I tried to think of a more common word, but nothing had the right "ring" to it...

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  12. @Andrew
    ahhhhh! Now i understand... eh-eh - pure genius..
    Sensitive is like 'vulnerable' so Tim cares so much about comments about his odor.
    My poor translation was a sort of 'sensible' - Thank you for your explanation!

    Oddly enough, i understood the 'litigious' part that is really similar to 'litigare' in Italian (that means [violent] 'argument').
    Hey! The Superest is not just about fun, I am learning lots of stuff here! :)

    g4toloc0 | [ a ]
  13. I wonder what the wife/mother's power is?

    Burt | [ a ]
  14. I'd say hyper-pampering, if her son's disposition is any clue.

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  15. Litig-tastic? Litig-tackular.

    Ian | [ a ]
  16. Long time. First time. But this one was the most hilarious hero yet. I had to drop in and congratulate you on keeping this game so fresh.

    trick | [ a ]
  17. Hey, Kevin -- your scanner needs cleaning. You've got the same pattern of dirt spots on a lot of your drawings.

    St. Chris | [ a ]
  18. I feel bad, I knew what litigious meant. I am going to pretend not to though, just to fit in. I love how down the kid looks... Poor guy. Poor odor.

    Jennifer J | [ a ]
  19. The next hero should be some sort of skunk, Ted can't sue a skunk and everybody would be sure to make fun of a kid who smelled like a skunk.

    joe | [ a ]

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