The Creationist

The Creationist

Evidence Schmevidence.

What did Dinosaurs evolve from? Oh... right... they just appeared... and then evolved into dead.

The Creationist held the coveted title of Current Champ from Thursday, December 13, 2007 to Thursday, December 13, 2007, heartily vanquishing Vegedon to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of Time-Traveling Chimp.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Guest Illustrator Jim Jones.


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. dont get it. i am too blond?

    fishete | [ a ]
  2. Well, Creationists don't believe in evolution. Thus, Vegedon appears to have faded into nothingness, having never existed.

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  3. Less fun than others. Be less mean-spirited.

    pope52 | [ a ]
  4. This one is really clever, probably my favourite so far. Well done.

    Arrietti | [ a ]
  5. Hahaha.

    Although many creationists now believe in dinosaurs, I've heard. They just think that they all drowned in the flood. Or were banished by St. Patrick? Something along those lines.

    Pierce | [ a ]
  6. apparently this one was too clever for most. It's a clear sign that it is a true gem.
    Two thumbs up.

    Mack | [ a ]
  7. The creationist issue is hard to understand if you are from Europe, here are no creationists around.. ;)

    I got it when I read the comments, well done. Nice twist..

    stex | [ a ]
  8. The Truth fish is a nice touch!

    Meg | [ a ]
  9. Technically everyone who believes there is a 'Creator' is a creationist so this one might be a little off as far as choice of terminology... then again this is your character so you can 'create' him to be whatever you want :D

    Alexander | [ a ]
  10. Am I the only one who noticed and LOVES the logo on his chest? I want a large, wallpaper-sized version of that logo.

    w_nightshade | [ a ]
  11. Fantastic art work Jim! The well defined lines are very comic book superhero. One who actually looks like he has superpowers - what with the cape and the Masquerade ball's mask.
    Not to missed tight paunch (Mr. Incredible inspiration?) and Michelangelo's "God creates Adam" arrangement of the hands!

    Defeated by:
    The Sumatran Man - The "real" missing link between Man and Ape, not like the neighboring poseur The Java man!

    Leo | [ a ]
  12. Did I not call this coming? Just under a different name...

    Deadpool | [ a ]
  13. Didn't we discuss earlier that a God character can't be beaten?
    It seems kind of unfair. Unless he was beaten by some agnostic guy.

    IGPDavid | [ a ]
  14. pope52 - I'm being more mean spirited towards Dinosaurs and the lack of evidence to support evolution. I think the word creationist is throwing up flags. But I'm sorry!
    IGPDavid - He is not God, just made in his image. I think space traveling dinosaurs can prove evolution, thus defeating him.
    @Everyone - Plenty of creationist don't use scripture in their argument, and I didn't mean to get into God this much, more the evolution evidence thing. I'm defeating a dinosaur not a religion. I'm only saying this because I'm sorry to bring it to Matt and Kevin's site, sorry guys.

    TheJones | [ a ]
  15. Sorry if I misunderstood. I have no creationist ties to speak of, but I would hate to see The Superest turn into simply making fun of people / groups.

    pope52 | [ a ]
  16. good one jones

    I like his expression

    and pope52 - lighten up. JESUS CHRIST

    bandelin | [ a ]
  17. Jones: Love the pose he's in. I don't know why everyone is up-in-arms. I like it just fine.

    sutter | [ a ]
  18. "I'm being more mean spirited towards Dinosaurs and the lack of evidence to support evolution."

    I must be misunderstanding. You can't be so silly as to think there's a lack of evidence to support evolution; there is an immense amount of evidence, whether you are aware of it or not.

    "What did Dinosaurs evolve from? Oh... right... they just appeared..."

    Dinosaurs evolved from archosaurs about 230 million years ago.

    "and then evolved into dead"

    Most branches of dinosaurs died out due to the K-T event 65 million years ago, but those that had already developed feathers (good for heat control) continued on, leading to modern birds.

    The Informer | [ a ]
  19. fantastic. Is Adam off stage-right?

    LEAFSLIDER | [ a ]
  20. I'm not sure this is really "making fun" of young earth creationists as it is summing up the "science" of their field of "study."

    Hilarious, either way. :)

    Kyle | [ a ]
  21. My favorite.

    MAREN | [ a ]
  22. Lighten up, you guys. Let's all smile.

    Deadpool | [ a ]
  23. His super power is keeping his eyes tightly shut.

    Josh Anderson | [ a ]
  24. The Informer - Silly is correct, sir! And yep the Vegadon clearly resembles the modern bird. Good call!
    LEAFSLIDER - Naw man Adam died a LONG time ago.
    Josh Anderson - How else do you make a giant Dino disappear?

    TheJones | [ a ]
  25. Awesome.
    An excellent solution to the problem at hand. Clever and spot on.

    Linsel | [ a ]
  26. Our hero has a lot of adventures in store fighting mountains of evidence wherever he may find it. His considerable powers of rationalization and obfuscation combined with his famous head in the sand move make him a force to be reckoned with.

    Consider replacing the dino with a hominid banging two rocks together to make a hand ax. The creationists eventually caved to the evidence for dinos. Now they only argue that they are just a few thousand years old.

    Well done.

    Michael G | [ a ]
  27. Our hero has a lot of adventures in store fighting mountains of evidence wherever he may find it. His considerable powers of rationalization and obfuscation combined with his famous head in the sand move make him a force to be reckoned with.

    Consider replacing the dino with a hominid banging two rocks together to make a hand ax. The creationists eventually caved to the evidence for dinos. Now they only argue that they are just a few thousand years old.

    Well done.

    Michael G | [ a ]
  28. Maybe to make his power work, he shuts his eyes like Hiro Nakamura, and makes everything disappear :)

    IBY | [ a ]
  29. Oh, this is a scary one.

    Anna | [ a ]
  30. Love the "Evidence, Shmevidence" line ... a powerful battle cry in the war against Darwinism. Also, nice beard :-)

    Tim | [ a ]
  31. Hahaha, very nice logo.

    burt | [ a ]
  32. Great far as making fun of creationists and 'all the evidence supporting evolution"...funny how when I've taken all of the science classes at various colleges (some big name ones not Podunk U) and discussed things that money plays a key part in what side of the fence they publicly espouse...behind closed doors...not so confident and OPENLY admit the lack of evidence for evolution and that there is a lot of science to contradict...they even talk about 'false evidence' they STILL use because of the uphill battle they feel it would create for them if they admit keep on with your 'straw-man' arguments and 'you have to be an idiot not to believe in evolution' nonsense...want a good sight with science supporting creationism...answers in genesis...with their backwoods scientists with all their crazy PhD's and scientific proofs...but also agreed...lighten can have a civil discussion (and Art is great for creating these as is shown here) and disagreements without being so 'afraid'...esp. the evolutionists in the crowd...

    Brine  | [ a ]
  33. Brine: I think I read somewhere that it was a sin to bear false witness. I challenge you to name the classes, professors, and schools at which these alleged "admissions" were made. I'd be willing to wager that either you're lying, or you have completely misunderstood whatever was said. Creationists make numerous claims about "lack of evidence" and "false evidence", but in every case I've seen, they're either lying or wrong. Literally ALL of the misinformation and deceit of AiG has been countered and debunked numerous times. is a good place to start if you're interested SCIENCE instead of dogma.

    As far as the cartoon battle is concerned, I am so very impressed not only with the artistry, but also the intellect that's behind the succession of images in the "battles". Keep it up, guys!

    Bill Snedden | [ a ]
  34. I enjoy you calling me out as a liar...A partial list of Schools involved just to prove as such...from smallest to greater...SSU, Marshall U, The Ohio State, and I think I even got a nice quote from a former Ivy Leaguer...I will not name individuals because I'm not stirring up trouble with them as that was not my intent. Classes involved..Biology, Geology, Sociology, Archeology...and let me wager that such quotes as "We know that some of the findings we had flew directly in the face and invalidates some of the current thinking but to have raised that issue would have meant a loss of our funding. Let the other people argue over that and it may seem disingenious but that is too often the reality of field work...follow the money." Or "The data and methods we have used to try to support our claim have been proven to be invalid. But we use them anyway hoping that at some point the students will pick it up on their own BECAUSE IT IS TOO HARD TO FIGHT AGAINST THE CURRENT SYSTEM". And this from people that have no 'religous' ties. There have been a nice recent spats (including one from OSU) that have been pulled from Doctorate programs or other areas simply by raising the specter of being able to critically analyze that 'wonderfully swiss cheese theory of evolution'. Call me a liar all you want and I'll side with God and call you a fool...and sorry to the fine folks at the site for turning this into such an issue as it wasn't my intent.

    Brine  | [ a ]
  35. Wow, I can't believe all the arguments posted over a cartoon. What is it about cartoons that get people so riled up? It's a guy who doesn't believe in dinosaurs defeating a dinosaur. It's ironic and ridiculous. And so are some of you!

    blipple bloop blop | [ a ]
  36. Brine: If you'll re-read my post, you'll note that I NEVER called you a liar. I wrote that "either you're lying, or you have completely misunderstood whatever was said.". So please don't put words in my mouth.

    I have quite a bit of experience dealing with individuals who spout the same sort of misinformation you repeat and indeed, some of them ARE liars. It is to such people that a reminder of the biblical admonishment against lying is appropriate. My intent was to note that IF you're uttering falsehoods, you might have some explaining to do later...

    The statements you claim were made by scientists with "no religious ties" are simply too ridiculous to be accepted at face value. Either the persons in question were ignorant or lying, or you are misremembering or misrepresenting what they actually said. Your reticence to providing their names is understandable, but you must yourself understand that accepting such evidence without corroboration is impossible to any scientifically knowledgeable individual who knows that such statements are simply false.

    Evolutionary theory is ALREADY being critically examined by scientists in numerous disciplines at universities and laboratories around the world. People who want to critically examine evolutionary theory are welcomed by science. On the other hand, people who SAY they want to "critically examine evolutionary theory" when they really mean "use God-of-the-gaps arguments to sneak our religious dogma into the education system" are useless to science and should quite properly be re-directed to religion or philosophy programs.

    But you're certainly correct to note that this is not the proper venue for such disagreements. My apologies as well to Kevin and Matt and that's the last I'll post on this issue.

    Bill Snedden | [ a ]
  37. @Bill Snedden:
    It is most fortunate that I have become conveniently illiterate and cannot read your previous post.

    Kyle | [ a ]
  38. @Brine
    I can't give you any names, but I know a bunch of priests and religious scholars who told me that you made up everything in your posts. They say church donations and Pat Robertson are preventing them from telling the public.

    @ TheJones - just to clarify: is it your honest position that there is "lack of evidence to support evolution." or is that only the position of your superhero? If the former, you have only yourself to blame for the spate of drive-bys from the science-aware.

    lethargytartare | [ a ]
  39. Aloow me to answer on behalf of Jones. Ahem...
    WHO CARES! It's just a wacky drawing in a site that draws cartoons. It is not meant to make you cry, it is not meant to make you contemplate your existence. It is merely meant to make you chuckle and say "haha, Creationists don't believe in dinosaurs."
    So calm down and move on.

    sutter | [ a ]
  40. Pope52: Yes indeedy, what inchoate horrors might await us if cartoons were ever used to make fun of people, groups, or ideas!

    Thank goodness that at least newspaper cartoonists, whose work is seen by the public at large, have always refrained from succumbing to such a temptation, or the effects might have been ruinous... as well as rugose, squamous, with subtly wrong geometries, and of no earthly colour!

    Pyre | [ a ]
  41. Wait... there's a scratching noise outside my window....

    Pyre | [ a ]
  42. @Kevin and Matt
    This Site is so cool!
    What I liked about this post by a guest was that he used the previous hero in the background being defeated. a bit like Layer Tennis style...
    @Jim great entry I like this one, well done!

    Mountain Gnome | [ a ]
  43. Jim, I loved this character. One of my favorites so far. GREAT JOB! I laughted out loud when I saw it. Great style and very creative.

    Kevin Nocoins | [ a ]
  44. did you hear the creationists' news that dinosuars came over on the ark, in dog-sized form?

    thirtygirl | [ a ]
  45. I haven't done too much study on the whole evolution/creationism debate myself.

    But i come from a Christian background and I didn't find the comic to be offensive. Most Creationists really do take this view of Evolution.

    I don't think it was as much a dig at Creation as it was a dig at willful ignorance and blatant close-mindedness.

    But its also not just Christians that doubt Evolution (although we are typically the ones that proudly display our ignorance on our sleeves)

    Michael Behe has written a book called Darwin's Black Box in which he argues against Darwinism and Evolution, however, Behe is an agnostic.

    It is true that there are points made for Evolutionism that have no merit (that we have managed to create life in a laboratory setting).

    However it is also true that Creationists have dismissed things that have no business being dismissed and making ridiculous claims with no scientific evidence whatsoever.

    However, the truth of the matter is that Evolution (especially not "Origin of Life" Evolution) can never truly be proven. It is an untestable Theory, and thus not a true theory anyway.

    Theatron | [ a ]

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