Metro Gnome

Metro Gnome

Calming angry tempos

Rest easy while this guardin' Gnome protects your pianissimo's y adagio's.

Metro Gnome held the coveted title of Current Champ from Friday, July 11, 2008 to Monday, July 14, 2008, heartily vanquishing Allegrissimo to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of Jealous Jockey.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Sutter .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. Ironically, this is one of the tallest Superest images yet posted.

    L | [ a ]
  2. You posted what someone already suggested. That should be against the rules :/

    Alexander | [ a ]
  3. (1) I GUARANTEE that Sutter wouldn't have posted this if he knew someone already suggested it in the comments. I just saw that comment myself. One thing we definitely don't want to do is post something someone already suggested. We like being original.

    (2) If anything were to be against the rules, allowing people to suggest heroes in the comments would be our choice. It's hard enough thinking up a hero, and even harder when commenters limit your options. But as it stands, we don't want to curb people's enjoyment and participation; so rather than forbid it, we just risk someone beating us to the punch. Sorry if that disappoints you.

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  4. You know, I think I've had the metro-gnome pun pop in my head in the past, but now I'm kicking myself that the image never included turning the traditional gnomish hat into a metronome. Well played.

    WulfBane | [ a ]
  5. We've been over this dilemma a few times now.

    If anyone wants to post a hero idea, just post it after the hero is defeated. That way the artist won't be pigeon-holed.

    Or, "pigeon-held" as one of my friends likes to say. Which conjures to mind a giant pigeon gripping people in its talons.

    burt | [ a ]
  6. @Burt:
    What about Pigeon-Helled, where you are tied to a rock and pooped on for all eternity?

    ajob223 | [ a ]
  7. Sorry, Gents. I like the idea of posting an idea only after the hero is defeated. I'll do that from now on. Cheers.

    Tyler | [ a ]
  8. Ohhh, nice one, AJOB. Wordplay is great.

    As is birdplay.

    burt | [ a ]
  9. Maybe I'm just weird but I think this one would make an excellent t-shirt.

    ricki | [ a ]
  10. If he was a metrosexual, it would make this even more glorious.

    Keaton | [ a ]
  11. YES. I would like to say that this is the EXACT reason we are constantly saying that it would be nice to avoid posting about heroes beforehand.

    I had 85% of this thing done when I read that comment and it totally killed me. I didn't have time to re-concept. :(

    sutter | [ a ]
  12. i figured there would be at least some hair gel in this pun.
    either way, and regardless of if it was said before, it's still flippin' brilliant.
    and the bubble pipe is a nice touch... although i always seem to inhale too much bubble-stuff.

    GUESS | [ a ]
  13. Well. Apparently guarantee is too strong a word.

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  14. Hey... this site is awesome. Can I participate? :P


    Otto | [ a ]
  15. It's ok, Kevin. No one is accusing you of a misgnomer.

    burt | [ a ]
  16. Hehe :D

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  17. @Burt
    As is turdplay.

    Does anyone remember that Nickelodeon cartoon show David the Gnome?
    This hero reminds me so much of that show.

    ajob223 | [ a ]
  18. First of all, I loved David the Gnome (who rode a fox! And was a vet!) but the bubble pipe made me pee my pants. Way to go guys.

    solaana | [ a ]
  19. Beautiful play, Sutter.

    @ajob223: Wow, you've rewritten the Prometheus myth for a PG rating. Bravo!

    St. Chris | [ a ]
  20. @St. Chris

    I was actually going more for the myth of Loki and the serpent's poison (thanks, Neil Gaiman's The Sandman) than Prometheus and the Vulture, but I guess those old dead religions weren't that original.

    ajob223 | [ a ]
  21. It's always interesting to see how many days superest stays on a theme. there was a measurement theme (the inchworms), now a musical theme, etc.

    They usually last, what, 3 days? Until somebody finds a way to take a left turn. Which is cool. I think 3-4 days is a long enough run on a particular theme.

    chrism | [ a ]
  22. kevin: "2) If anything were to be against the rules,"

    thanks for using proper grammar!

    chrism | [ a ]
  23. This hero appeals to me! ;-)

    If any hero (or combo of like themed heros) need(s) to be on a shirt, then Metro Gnome and the last few heroes vanquished would be great.

    Mountain Gnome | [ a ]
  24. I am deeply bothered that Burt is still here.

    Pinkerton | [ a ]
  25. I totally agree, Mountain Gnome!

    Hannah | [ a ]
  26. I should make one with a working metronome and put it in my garden.

    Speaking of Gnomes, I know a guy who has hidden Gnomes randomly through out Mitcham, I've found two.

    El PIe-o | [ a ]
  27. ??? @ Pinkerton

    burt | [ a ]
  28. Yeah... I don't get it either, Burt.

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  29. Ooooh! I vote T-shirt on this one too!
    *love* the site, but never commented... I'll go hide back in the shadows now, 2 cents having been deposited. :)

    Alioxen | [ a ]
  30. that's it! this is the design i vote for, for my girl sized t shirt illustration!

    peapodluv | [ a ]

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