Wrecking Paul

Wrecking Paul

Now I am become Paul, destroyer of buildings.

There's going to be a lot of broken glass around here for a while. Wear sandals!

Wrecking Paul held the coveted title of Current Champ from Wednesday, August 06, 2008 to Wednesday, August 06, 2008, heartily vanquishing KillOWatt to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of General Contractor.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Kevin .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. Wow, very unique style, Kevin...
    I like it!!

    (first comment :P)

    veggieburger | [ a ]
  2. Very cool character, very cool reference.

    burt | [ a ]
  3. Very well drawn! He seems a mite small for that ball though.

    SAMMY | [ a ]
  4. It's me!

    Paul | [ a ]
  5. He is not small. It's a matter of perspective. The ball is very close, and he is very far away!

    Chris | [ a ]
  6. Wrecking Paul seems to be a man of substance who would like BACON.

    bettsmedia | [ a ]
  7. He looks Adobe-Illustrator-live-traced. I love the effect.

    Is he able to turn the chest-crank on his own or must he have an operator?

    Daniel Anan | [ a ]
  8. That Paul guy has balls of steel

    Aramael | [ a ]
  9. Shirt please?

    mark | [ a ]
  10. T-Shirt!
    Oh, man... T-shirt.

    the carboxyl Group | [ a ]
  11. Wrecking Paul needs to have a graphic novel.

    the carboxyl group | [ a ]
  12. Yes, this better be a shirt.

    Bettsmedia | [ a ]
  13. Mojo + Wrecking Paul?

    burt | [ a ]
  14. Mojo + Wrecking Paul?

    burt | [ a ]
  15. bang on!!!

    how do you guys keep on doing this day ina dn day out? it's delicously baffling, you're geniususususus!!!

    manicmanc | [ a ]
  16. He should be in China for the Olympics. He'd wipe the floor in the hammer event!

  17. He doesn't bother 'leaping buildings in a single bound' - he just removes them from his path.

    e | [ a ]
  18. I second the graphic novel idea... that would allow for a lot of cool supervillains!

    ... although he doesn't seem to have a weakness of any sort :P

    Veggieburger | [ a ]
  19. this should definitely be a t-shirt.

    k-dizzle | [ a ]

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