Crudely removes hair.

Those forest creatures are a lot less heart-meltingly cute without their fur. Hmmm.

Barberbarian held the coveted title of Current Champ from Tuesday, October 28, 2008 to Thursday, October 30, 2008, heartily vanquishing The Forest Friends to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of Barberchop Quartet.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Kevin .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. Excellent illustration!!!

    Dave | [ a ]
  2. Thanks Dave! :D

    bearskinrug | [ a ]
  3. This was to be expected, those happy little "characters" totally had this coming. Serves 'em right!

    Dan | [ a ]
  4. One of the best hero names yet! And coincidentally one of my favorite entries.

    burt | [ a ]
  5. .. Well done Kevin... have to agree with burt when saying this is one of the best entries yet! well worth the wait :D

    officialsidekick | [ a ]
  6. Hands down my favorite illustration yet. can I buy the original?

    ajob223 | [ a ]
  7. Can't add much to the previous comments -- but I think it's an awesome drawing, and an excellent pun.

    Isaac | [ a ]
  8. Bravo indeed!! Itís definitely shirt worthy. Nice detail and I especially like the eyes (both characters), the nose bone , and the head tattoo.

    Brilliantly played!

    netdruid | [ a ]
  9. Bravo!

    iancorey | [ a ]
  10. He's like a medieval Sweeny Todd!

    metalord | [ a ]
  11. Great Hero Kevin,

    I love that he keeps his head shaved, but still sports a fierce beard!

    Mountain Gnome | [ a ]
  12. Great stuff Kevin sir! I love this picture, it's sure to be my wallpaper for the next few weeks! hahahaha, that poor little bear!! LOVE IT!!

    opspraak | [ a ]
  13. Ok, Kevin. You're not allowed to have 5 days to do yours anymore. :)

    sutter | [ a ]
  14. hot shave carl the barber decended form him

    El pie-o | [ a ]
  15. Any updates on the book?

    MIKKEL | [ a ]
  16. hmmm

    maybe his name should have been ian?

    so it's barber-ian?


    but i LOVE THIS !!!!!!

    manicmanc | [ a ]

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